3 to 6 months. 6 to 14 participants.

Prerequisites: Basic and Advanced Seminars.

The Master of Life Program is a “work-study” seminar, over a period of several months, which allows you to deeply integrate the principles and experiences of previous courses into your daily life. PMV supports you in creating and practicing new habits in your life. Members of PMV groups are committed to working together to achieve goals, individually and collectively.

This program offers the opportunity of a cohesive group, in which sharing takes place at a deep level of honesty, and where conflicts are managed and transformed, using effective communication tools and the principles of seminars.

Participating in a PMV group allows you to:

– Work on relationships that are dear to you;

– Practice the tools of conscious communication in a privileged environment;
– Know yourself better;

– Take responsibility for your life;
– Discover your power to act and your “leadership”;

– Show your potential;

– Gain self-esteem;
– Create new habits;
– Create deeper relationships;
– Give up unproductive habits;
– Learn self-discipline;

– Be supported in achieving your goals;
– Overcome your fears …

In the program :

– 10 interpersonal meetings

– 10 group coachings

– 10 individual coaching

– an agreement “

– a “Personal Impact Project”

– a “Community Impact Project”

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