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Personal Transformation through Empowered Communication, Courageous Introspection and Purposeful Action

Foundational Course



The Transformative Communication course is intensive and highly experiential. You will learn tools and techniques for meaningful communication and learn how to create more honest, satisfying relationships.

The seminar can support you in:

  • Uncovering your natural empathy to create understanding and trust with others. 

  • A way to express yourself clearly, courageously and powerfully with integrity and respect. 

  • Simple strategies to effectively resolve conflicts. 

  • Taking a look at your emotional and behavioral habits, and explore alternatives. 

  • Getting insights into how you are creating your own limitations which frequently affect 
your life. 

  • A heightened awareness of what is vitally important to you, and methods for clarifying and 
aligning with your life’s purpose. 
What is „Transformative Communication“ ? 
Transformative Communication is an approach based on the learning of communication tools and the transformation of unfavourable thinking, emotions and limiting behaviors into conscious, appropriate and more satisfying actions.
Most, if not all, conflicts and relational difficulties are linked to a lack of effective communication. We can experience every day that the quality of our life is closely linked to the quality of our communication … 
Transformative Communication is the opportunity to experience another way of communicating, based on the development of qualities such as empathy, integrity, responsibility, and assertiveness. It helps to build self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as understanding and respect for others. At the same time, Transformative Communication is an opportunity to take a look at our 

unsatisfying life experiences, to explore what is blocking us, and to acquire an attitude of transforming this life experience in a more positive and constructive way. This we are doing by developing our personal awareness, by looking into certain “principles of life” and by the reflective actions which result from them.

Together we want to

– Obtain practical skills necessary for more meaningful relationships – Learn how to overcome roadblocks to effective communication
- Experience empathic listening
- Use problem-solving strategies

– Observe what we create with our word and examine our relationship to commitment – Feel empowered to take responsibility for our actions, and make commitments
- Gain insights into our personality and the way we live our life

Course Description

The cours teaches techniques to help you make appropriate behavioral changes through more effective communication.
You will acquire listening tools as a basis for your interpersonal skills, conflict resolution, and teamwork.

Through participatory activities you will examine underlying assumptions by which you live your life. This will facilitate a shift in your ability to relate to yourself and others. Becoming more conscious you can then more freely engage your potential in career, relationships, spirituality and endeavours which are important to you.

You can explore the effect of your interpersonal style, refine your communication and become more authentic in your relationships.
Connecting with who you are, this self-understanding can improve your communication with yourself, family, friends, at work and in any interaction.

Advanced Course

(7 Days 70 HOURS)


You will
Address life issues in an honest and meaningful way.
Explore your heartfelt commitments, and discover clarity and courage to act on them. Connect with what is vitally important to you.
Open new possibilities for fantastic accomplishments and joyfulness.
Transform your relationship with fear.

Advanced Personal Transformation

Building on the groundwork of the Foundational Course, the Advanced Course is an intensive, highly experiential seminar that addresses life issues in a substantial manner. In the Advanced Course participants explore more fully the real-life, practical applications and insights gained in the Foundational Course. The communication and personal growth tools acquired in the Foundational Course assist this process. Students identify their most genuine, authentic commitments and gain clarity and conviction to act on them. Through this Advanced Course you realize in a uniquely personal way what is integrally important to you, resulting in life choices aligning with life purposes. Participants open new possibilities for extraordinary accomplishments and satisfaction.

Discover and Manifest Your Full Potential

There is so much untapped potential, unused power, unexpressed creativity and unsung joy in every one of us. This course offers the technology to bring this out, to remove the self- imposed cloud and let the real self shine. You realize your power to take charge of your life and interactions with others, and the power to deny control to pain and the environment.

The Advanced Course provides directed coaching appropriate to each student’s intentions and goals. The staff assumes that students are committed to achieving extraordinary results in their lives. Students have abundant opportunity to realize their strength, ability, and potential for growth. Further, it is presumed that you have full capacity to effectively deal with your life situation, and that a perspective of personal responsibility is best for achieving maximum potential and fulfilment. During the Advanced Course students create their vision for a future free from limiting perspectives from their past.