What is CT?

What is Transformative Communication?

Transformative Communication an approach based on the learning of communication tools, as well as on the transformation of unproductive life habits (thoughts, emotions and limiting behaviors) into conscious, appropriate and satisfying actions.


Most, if not all, of the conflicts and relationship difficulties are linked to a lack of effective communication. We can experience every day that the quality of our life is intimately linked to the quality of our communication …

Transformative Communication is the opportunity to experience another way of communicating, based on the development of qualities such as empathy, integrity, responsibility, assertiveness, and leadership. It helps to create self-confidence and self-esteem, as well as understanding and respect for others.

At the same time, Transformative Communication is an opportunity to take a look at our unsatisfactory life experiences, to explore what is blocking, and to acquire the keys to transform this life experience in a positive and constructive way, by taking personal awareness, by learning certain “life principles”, and by the thoughtful actions that flow from it.

Who is it for?

Transformative Communication is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their relationships, in the sense of bringing more awareness and harmony in their relationships – and not just to coaches or accompanists.

It is aimed at both groups and individuals. It can be used both professionally, for example in a business, as well as on a personal level, for example as regards the couple relationship, communication with children, teenagers …

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