Who are We ?

Lionel Santucci

“One day, in Africa, I found myself confronted with my beliefs, frozen, blocked by my fears … And I heard a voice just behind me (or in me?), who said to me:”Stop thinking , Act!” This phrase always accompanies me, like a sort of mantra, a key that connects me to the present moment, in order to fully experience it. “

After a 7-year world tour Lionel Santucci spent 15 years living in India and France studying the path of Yoga with teachers in the Vedic tradition. In 2008 he founded the “Communication Transformative” in France, after having followed a 6 years training with Satvatove Institute USA. For more than ten years, he has been accompanying individuals or groups, whether in workshops, companies or personalized coaching. Since 2014 he has led a training in “Transformative Coaching” and gives workshops in Spanish, English and French in different countries of the world.

His contact with multiple cultures has given him a deep insight in the human being. A valuable asset in his work, which complements his academic knowledge.

“I trust that each of us knows how to live his life in order to be satisfied. No one knows better than himself or herself! Sometimes this knowledge is covered by what is called limiting beliefs and by vestiges of the past … I propose to help you to reconnect with this knowledge, going in search of your true identity, and the values that You animate, so that you can manifest the life you want to live.”